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Ice Golf 2018
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Pigeon Lake Ice Golf Tournament

The Ice Golf Tournament is the legendary and wacky winter event that has been hosted by the Pigeon Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce for 21 years. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day on the Pigeon Lake ice golfing and having fun! Remember, costumes are encouraged. Prizes are awarded for best costumes, best golfing, most honest golfing and for various other wacky weasons which may be determined by the events of the day! We have prizes for everyone!

You don't want to miss this exciting winter fun event! Bring a team of 4 or we'll place you with a team. Some folks bring a group of teams. We can accommodate most everyone. Learn More

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Major Sponsors

The Pipestone Flyer

Community Futures

Black Bull Golf Resort


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Fun Fun Fun

Play in teams of 4 - no golfing experience required!
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Not your average game of golf!

Fun's the ticket! Come join us for the 2018 Ice Golf Tournament!
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Plenty of Accommodation

We have a drive home safe program, but you can stay over.
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22 years and counting!

We've been doing this for 22 years, and it's now even more fun than when we started.
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