2013 Ice Golf News


2013 Ice Golf News

Posted on Friday December 11, 2015 at 11:45AM

March 16’s fresh snowfall and cold, blustery weather did little to discourage 135+ hardcore golfers and dedicated volunteers from hitting the ice on Pigeon Lake for the 17th Annual Ice Golf Tournament. Sure, most of them had limited mobility due to multiple layers of thermal clothing topped off by some crazy costumes, but this was Ice Golfing at its finest. Locals, along with visitors from across the province and from as far away as Vancouver, were at Mulhurst Bay to golf on one of three nine hole courses created on the lake, complete with flags and greens and recycled Christmas trees planted along the course to enhance the scene (and to serve as windbreaks!). Every March, the Ice Golf Tourney reinvents the game of golf, Pigeon Lake winter style!

The golfing is basically no different from the summer game, . . . except mounds of snow serve as tees, the greens are green carpets, and the vividly coloured golf balls just might bounce across the ice and disappear into snowbanks. Add a St. Paddy’s Day theme and a predominantly green clothed crowd of creatively costumed, competitive Ice Golfers and the comical scene is complete. Yes, there was snow and wind and cold but there was also a champagne and orange juice welcome set out by the registration host, Cedar Crest Inn, and then there was the Ice Golfing in goofy get-ups, followed by a sumptuous banquet and prizes to be won for all sorts of reasons, including holes-in-one, best score, most honest score, best costumes, and more!

Hosted by Pigeon Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce (PLRCC), and made possible by the most amazing volunteers and donors, the Ice Golf Tournament is arguably the region’s most successful and fun winter recreation event. Many businesses and organizations from across PLRCC’s service region and beyond support the Tournament before, during and after the event through donations of funds, goods, services, ad sponsorships and discounts and, in turn, PLRCC provides those businesses with a number of promotional opportunities. Ice Golf brings winter visitors to a region that, especially during warmer months, sees and serves a great many visitors, tourists and seasonal residents. Local, year round businesses are happy to welcome Ice Golfers every March around St. Patrick’s Day and the many golf courses and other seasonal businesses that provide prizes and silent auction items also benefit. Free golf passes ensure that every Ice Golfer has a reason to return to golf at Pigeon Lake Golf Club, Ice Golf’s 2013 golf passes sponsor. Add to that the multiple golf passes provided by Willow Greens Golf Resort and Dorchester Ranch Golf Club, along with many gift certificates for regional products and services, and the tourism and economic benefits of the Ice Golf Tourney become apparent.

Next year, you just might want to be a part of it all, take in the Ice Golf Tournament and see Pigeon Lake at Mulhurst Bay transformed into the great white golf course with great green golfers.  Learn More here

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